Thursday, February 25, 2010


I thought I would make a quick post about Konad since some of you are interested and asking about it.  Konad is a stamping system for nail polish.  You can check out some demos and pics here.  

If you are interested in doing this for yourself, my recommendations are to start small.  With about $25-30 you can start your own kit and have the essential tools you need to create with Konad at your home.   Start by buying the stamper and scraper (you need this to create Konad art) and just buy a few disks that have some designs you like.  If you want I have also found the image disc holder as a handy tool.  Konad does make special polishes that are formulated just for their system because they have a longer dry time (it's polish that would never dry on your nail if you painted  your whole nail with it) and they say they show up clearer than "regular" polish.  Although it does make application a bit easier, I would say that you don't have to buy the special polish.   I only have bought one special polish and have only used it once.  Most of my Konad Creations have created with my own nail polishes.  I've learned that metallics work very nice and if I make sure there is a strong contrast in my base polish and the Konad stamp color, I've liked my results.   

The trick with Konad is practice and trial and error.  I just started with this system this year and there is a bit of a learning curve.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting it to look exactly straight or to have a stamp fit on my whole nail in one application.  But the results can be really fun and look great.  I loved my "fishnets" and "houndstooth" designs because there is no way you could freehand those designs.  Plus, I get lots of compliments!

As far as where to get the system, I have only found it online.  I got some discs and the stamper/scraper and image disc holder for Christmas as a gift but I also bought some disks myself and both were purchased by a shop in California called OC Nail Art.  I thought they had reasonable prices and they were very nice and efficient in the ordering process.  If you are going to buy from someplace, I would recommend them highly!

Good luck and maybe someday I'll post tutorials of some of my polishes, but my next endeavor is to get that light box up and running!  Happy Polishing!


susies1955 said...

Just found your blog.
Nice write up and pretty nails,

heatheryruth said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I love doing pedi's and HOPEFULLY now I'll do more mani's too! I ordered the Starter kit as well as some disks and the holder. With a discount I found online I got 5 disks the holder and Starter kit all for under 50$! I'm so excited to get it an start trying it all out!! (I decided it'd be a fun EARLY B-Day gift to myself!)

susies1955 said...

Well Happy Birthday and can't wait to see your playtime. :)


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