Friday, March 21, 2014

Sprinkles of Spring

Minnesota has officially had the coldest winter in our USofA. We had 135 days of below freezing weather (and too many of those were below zero days). Not to mention we were pelted with a whole bunch of snow this year. Now, I don't mind winter. I don't mind snow. But I am so glad that today is marking the first day of Spring. The sun came out today and it gave me hope that some day this year I will be warm again in Minnesota. So this manicure is in honor of that. I love spring. I love when the brown grass quickly turns back to green. I love unearthing the stems of my flowers that are peeking out of the ground after being covered by leaves and snow for an entire winter. I love hearing the sounds of the birds returning and singing outside. So, snow be warned: your time is limited. Spring is here and the sprinkles of the season are creeping in.

I don't have the specs of all of the colors I used for this manicure (I am still on hibernation mode after all). However, my "spring sprinkles" are from China Glaze's most recent collection City Flourish. Colors in particular, that inspired this manicure in the first place, are as follows: Metro Pollen-Tin, Grass is Lime Greener, Lotus Begin, and Strike A Rose. 


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