Monday, November 30, 2009


2 Base Coat Polishes
3 Top Coat Polishes
1 Matte Finisher Top Coat
9 Striping Colors

93 Polishes.

Plus gems, my own set of striping brushes and decals.

I told Ryan I was set with polishes for the rest of the year--we'll see if that sticks (I can't pass up on gifts etc.). And it's clear that it's an obsession when the other day I saw a bumper sticker and it took me too long to figure out it was referring to Polish people, not nail polish.

p.s. my recent manicure is inspired by the gloves, obvs. Click for clearer detail (I used my matte finisher as mentioned above on the slate/beige color).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Krafting with Kari

So Kari and I went out today to get me pants to wear post surgery. I got one maternity pair of pants and a track suit at Unique. And I only spent like $13. Sweet. Then, we went to get a coffee and stopped in at Patina where I coveted many things but one item in particular: fingerless gloves with a lace overlay. They were much to expensive to buy but not too expensive to get the itch of DIY. So we promptly went in search of gloves and lace, and for the same price as one pair at Patina, I was able to make two!!!!! This is the result (and please not the polish job):

Jokingly named "Wedding gloves"

This color scheme is for my winter coat with the fuchsia lining:


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Because it's important to document

These are worn and by no means perfect. But they are my shooting stars. And first use of my matte nail polish finisher...

And I know many of you already saw these, but they are now a very important design in my personal life as they mark the viewing of werewolf hottie jailbait Taylor Lautner in New Moon and my appendix rupturing from said hottie landing me in the hospital where I received the bulk of my complements from various doctors, nurses and aids.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Upping my game.

So ever since visiting "The Daily Nail" I have been getting some more ideas on some things to do with all my own polish. I checked out a technique called "water marbling" and tried it for myself. This is my first attempt, but it is so FRICKIN' cool. It is very messy and I have some perfecting of the technique to do and have been dreaming up some better color combinations, but I still think this is pretty awesome:

Also, I inadvertently created a rainbow with this next display. I think it was subconscious since last week was not so great and I must have needed a pick me up--and it did in some small way....


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