Monday, November 30, 2009


2 Base Coat Polishes
3 Top Coat Polishes
1 Matte Finisher Top Coat
9 Striping Colors

93 Polishes.

Plus gems, my own set of striping brushes and decals.

I told Ryan I was set with polishes for the rest of the year--we'll see if that sticks (I can't pass up on gifts etc.). And it's clear that it's an obsession when the other day I saw a bumper sticker and it took me too long to figure out it was referring to Polish people, not nail polish.

p.s. my recent manicure is inspired by the gloves, obvs. Click for clearer detail (I used my matte finisher as mentioned above on the slate/beige color).


Erin said...

lol - awesome.

Kari said...

Polish!!! Hahaha, love it.

Ok, your nails look less like olives here. It was more greenish and orangish on my computer. I love them!


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