Friday, September 18, 2009

Filling the awkward silence

So I have been thinking I should be picking up the blogging slack since Alison (the supreme blogger) seems to be [justifiably] preoccupied with a baby to entertain us with updates and things to read in our spare time on a daily/regular basis. However, as much and as many blog posts I may think of in my head throughout the day to fill the void, none of them seem to end up in cyber space due to my supreme laziness.

But in effort to try harder at things, I've created a very mini picture show of my recent manicures. In the past few months I have begun to become obsessed with bedazzled, high maintenance, nail art. I do really enjoy it. Here are a few of my recent designs:

And with that, maybe there will be future blog posts coming soon(er than two months).


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