Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Exploits

So I went out of town this past weekend (thus the lateness of the post) and I gave manicures to three of my friends as well as myself.  So I wanted to show them off.

Four Hands:

Jes: Tequila Teaser

Me: Through the Fog

Jen: Bubbles Up

Heather: All Spice

For the specs:

Tequila Teaser: Water marbled with China Glaze: Solar Power, Four Leaf Clover and Purple Panic. 

Through the Fog:  Marbled with Light As Air, High Hopes From China Glaze with OPI's Brand New Skates.

Bubbles Up: Base coated with Sexy In The City and topped with holographic blue by CG named DV8.  Konad Plate used for dots in color Metallic Muse (China Glaze).

All Spice: Base coat China Glaze VII with stripes by It's So Easy Stripe Rite in Gold and Orange Glitter.

All manicures topped with Seche Vite top coat.


heatheryruth said...

Sometime you'll have to post a tutorial of how to do that water marbling! It is SOOO pretty! I loved the neon one you posted awhile back! I tried it and since I didn't do anything with water, it just made a gooey mess!

Looks like everyone's hands had a FABULOUS weekend!!

Ginger said...

I LOVE that blue color on Jen's nails.

Heather Schwartz, APR said...

far too fun!


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