Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Get One Thing Straight!

I am the HEAD CHEF!!!!  I thought after the banter that I've been having with my friend, Kari, who I cook with every week, I should make a foodie manicure.  A little joke we have is regarding who is the head chef of our little duo and who is the sous chef.  Bottom line though, I love to cook.  I am by no means a professional, but when my mom was listing to me the 50 most common mistakes of the home chef, I knew those mistakes and since Kari and and I have been making them and learning from them and have steadily gotten better and better over the years; I feel pretty proficient in the kitchen.  And this manicure sets the record straight--I'm the head chef, Kari's the sous ;)  Click images for better view.

For the nails I base coated with a gray from Orly Mirror Mirror.  Then the details are done with various mixes of China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen and So Easy Stripe Rite.  The lettering is Stripe Rite Gold Metallic and Black.  For the Pictures, I did not put a top coat on so they would photograph better, but I am going to protect them with Seche Vite when this post is done.

"H"/Knife--Stripe Rite silver and black

"E"/Kitchen Timer (or) Thermometer--CG Lemon Fizz, Stripe Rite Black and Red Sparkle

"A"/Stock Pot--Sally Hansen's White On and Stripe Rite Neon Green, Black and Silver

"D"/Ladle and Spatula--Stripe Rite Silver, Black and Aqua Metallic.

"C"/Chicken--OPI Skinny Dippin' in Lake Michigan, and CG In Awe Of Amber, and Stripe Rite White

"H"/Tomato--CG Salsa, VII, Japanese Koi (Neon) and Stripe Rite Neon Green

"E"/Red Onion--CG Grape Pop, Let's Groove, Seduce Me, Solar Power Stripe Right Neon Green

"F"/Avacado--CG Entourage, Outta Bounds, In Awe Of Amber, Solar Power

Chef's Hat--Sally Hansen's White On and CG Re-Fresh Mint and Stripe Rite Silver and Aqua Metallic.

Hot Pads--CG Something Sweet, Caribbean Temptation, Shocking Pink.


Krystle said...

I'm in love with these. Well done!

Kari said...

Holy head chef, these are incredible! I especially love the sparkly avocado and the 31-lb. chicken.

Even though this is a masterpiece, you're still not head chef. Just sayin'.

Erin said...

These are awesome. You could do a "Kari Sous" as a pedicure? ;-)

Ginger said...

Love the avacado!!
y'all are too funny.

heatheryruth said...

WOW! I can't believe you free handed these! Hats of to you, Amazing!

Brooke said...

You are so insanely talented it makes my head hurt. Your manis are awesome!!


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