Thursday, February 25, 2010

Follow the Leader

This picture is a bit better at capturing the pink.

This is what popped into my head when I was deciding what to polish tonight.  I really like the finished look on this one (it matched my head design).  This is a freehand design.  I was going to use tape to make more crisp lines, but I would have had to wait too long for the bottom coats to dry, so I decided to freehand the arrows.  The picture, of course, does not do the colors justice.  The contrast is clear in person--jet black and pale pink.  I need to make a light box so I can get better pictures up here, but then I also better taking better care of my cuticles--because they look awful close up.

I used Liquid Leather (black) and Something Sweet (pink) from China Glaze topped with Seche Vite for shine.  


alison said...

it is really cute but I think you are right about the light box-I thought it was b & w

Kari said...


heatheryruth said...

Very cool! I think I could handle that one! I did some research on the Konad thing online! What would suggest for someone just starting out! (Some of them were OVER 150$ eek!) I'd like to start small and see if I'm able to do it!

I need to start painting my nails more! I do my toes all the time in the summer but never my fingers cuz I think my nails always look bad!

alison said...

oh, thats a good idea! Corinne, you should post tutorials sometimes, I bet your readers would love to try and replicate your process... it probably seems daunting to the inexperienced.

Ginger said...

I can tell it's pink in the top pink, but you're right.. the bottom pic looks b & w.

Very geo! I like.


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