Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Neon Zipper

I had a realization today that I have officially moved past the days of single polished nails.  If I have a site, how could I ever paint just one color with no flair?  I am sure I will at some point paint my nails one color again, but nail art is my new mission.  Today's nails are bright.  I wish neon colors did a better job of showing off their true selves in photos, but I've done the best I can to capture.

I used China Glaze for both colors, yellow is Celtic Sun and blue is Frostbite.  I did apply a base stripe in white with my It's So Easy Stripe-Rite polish, then striped the matching colors over it.  I, of course, topped the look off with Seche Vite clear polish.


Ginger said...

I'm curious.. how often do you paint your nails? Just wondering how long the "norm" is before you switch to a different design.

P.S. I like that you called it flair :-)

Erin said...

ooh i love these colors!

iPolished said...

Ginger, I paint my nails at least two times a week. When I was a "single polish" girl, maybe a manicure would last 5 days if it was lucky. But I love to paint my nails and I love to peel my nail polish off (which is no good for your nails). However often I post is how often I am doing my manicures. They are usually done at night and I am posting them on the site at the same time!


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