Sunday, May 2, 2010


This post is for a current fad of mood changing nail polishes.  I had seen these polishes on other sites and wanted to try them for myself and was fortuitously at the mall and stopped in at Claire's to pick a few bottles up to try them out.  They actually work pretty awesomely (even with base and top coat).  These are the two colors I picked out side-by-side on my nails.

This is a depiction of how the colors come out from the bottle:

This is the start of the "mood changing" effect changing from purple to pink and grey/green to yellow:

The colors are found at Claire's and I bought Calm/Wild and Daring/Innocent.  Unfortunately there isn't a page on their website, but you can find more out about their other products and trends here.


Brooke said...

this is so cool!! I want color-changing polish!

heatheryruth said...

Very cool! I'm so getting some of this polish!


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