Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Picks of 2011

It's time for another retrospective.  Here are my favorite manicures of 2011.  Click on the links to be transported to the original posts.

10.  Spirit Animals: Stepping It Up A Notch.  This manicure was my first dabble with water decals.  It was fun to give them to my friends and have a fun manicure time.

9. Poison Control.  Maybe skulls are overrated and cliché, but I liked this manicure.

8. Purple Pop Water Marble.  I loved the color combination of this manicure.

7. Leather Corsets.  A manicure concept that worked from my mind to my nails.

6. Seriously Pretty.  I still am into the holographic nail polish, and this manicure is proof of why!

5. Red + Green = Awesome.  I love my glitters, but this manicure really popped.  The green nearly glowed behind the red glitter background.

4. Hint Of Lime.  Marbling!  Still such a great way to debut a manicure.  I really liked the glow of the green/lime neon in this manicure.  Such a great color combo.

3.  Cosmic Ring.  Another marble, probably my favorite of the year.  It truly glowed from within; truly pretty.

2. Golden Chameleon. This was my favorite sparkle of the year.  It was a the perfect color combination and ultra sparkly.

1. Beauty In Darkness. My affinity for this manicure is not necessarily in the paint job, but more in it's emotional tie to me.  Since this is the manicure I did for my aunt who passed away, one of the most significant events of my 2011, it has one of the most special places in my heart.

Runners Up
My runners up this year were my two claw manicures.  Both fun, but I was proud to try a new medium with acrylic (even if it was totally impractical and I will most likely never do it again).  Probably whey it didn't make my top picks.


Kari said...

It's so fun to see all of these! You've done some pretty amazing work in the last year.

Erin said...

LOVE them all!

Elisabeth said...

Wish I had your nails, Corinne! Beautiful!

mrsrexy said...

They are all awesome but my faves are the marbling!


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