Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry for being MIA, but with being on vacation (something I'm very thankful for) and actually spending this Thanksgiving on my couch because sickness caught up with me, I've gotten behind.  So this post is going to be two manicures in one.  I did two themed manicures this week and here they are:

Cherry Pie.  Thanksgiving makes me think of eating.  And eating losts of great food is always followed up by pie.  I actually don't like cherry pie, but had the right colors for it, so here it is.  I painted three coats of China Glaze Salsa and added the lattice of the pie crust with China Glaze Classic Camel and outlined that with China Glaze Midtown Magic.  I finished the look with Seche Vite.

Native.  Thanksgiving in America is a mix of European and Native traditions and this year my manicure reflect more of the native side.  I have trace amounts of Native American blood in me, and I think it's important today to reflect on how we all can come together and help one another and be thankful that we all have something to learn from everyone around us.  For the manicure, I taped off the top half of my nail and painted three coats of China Glaze Flyin' High and then painted the top half with China Glaze City Siren.  With Bundle Monster Plate bm204, I used Konad Special Stamping polishes in Yellow and Black to make the native design.  I topped the manicure with one coat of Seche Vite.


Erin said...

love both! hope you feel better :/

Kari said...

The native one is one of my favorites ever! I love it. You have trace amounts of Native American blood? Does that mean I do too? Since I'm your sister? ;)


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