Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This manicure was so great in it's silver, holo awesomeness.  It really fun and sparkly. It's hard sometimes to catch glitters in their shiny, holographic, sparkly state, but I'm finding reflection works great to show some of the different dimensions of the polish itself.  On a application note, I used loose holographic bar glitter pressed in the not quite dry manicure, and although it looks great it ends up feeling awful; it would continue to lift during the entire time I wore the manicure and I would have to continue to peel the little bars of glitter off.  It almost reminded me of fraying fabric--or maybe in my dry hand state now, hangnails.  Good thing the whole manicure was so stacked with glitter power, it was hard to notice the waning glitter as the days went by.

I painted three coats of Zoya Dove and added loose bar glitter from CinaPro in Metallic Jewels "E" first and then LA Splash Cosmetics Face and Body Glitter in Silver Torpedo.  Atop the entire manicure, I used one coat Seche Vite

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