Monday, August 1, 2011

Vote for Me!

Sorry I've been MIA, I have a list of several posts for you guys I hope to get up by the end of today or tomorrow. But in the mean time, I have entered a manicure of mine in a contest and am requesting your help so I have better chances of winning. If you own a Facebook account, you can vote for my Christmas Elves manicure "Santa's Little Helpers" by clicking on this link: Facebook Contest. You can vote every day. So I might be a little annoying in the next week and put a reminder up each day to vote, but it's because I'm so passionate about the originality of this design that I think it could win. I'd appreciate the extra time it takes to send out a vote and thank you in advance for the love.

Anyway, you can do what you will, but if you like it vote!

Here is the link again. And for your photographic memory, here is the pic I submitted (I could only put in one)

1 comment:

jaljen said...

Incredibly intricate. I voted for you.


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