Sunday, March 20, 2011


Holy Blogging, Batman! So sorry to load a bunch of mani's on you all at once, but I was sick last week and having trouble finding my motivation. But it's a lazy Sunday and I need to catch you all up so you know what I know!

Speaking of needs, I needed an obnoxious, "Classy with a K" manicure for a party I attended this weekend. This was the result. I actually love it for its obnoxiousness, not to mention it was perfect for the party.

Low light, glitter detail:

Ultra exposed:

I painted two coats of Zoya Jolene, then used Konad plate m57 with Special Stamping Polish in Black to apply the zebra stamp. Over the entire nail, I added LA Splash Cosmetics nail glitter in Fashionista. I applied two coats of CND Super Shiney as my top coat.


paint that nail said...

Oooo I really really like this! It is so cute I love the pink with all that glitter! Great job!

Erin said...

LOVED this! Fist pump!

Freshie said...

Glitter and zebra print are two of my favorite things so of course they look awesome together!


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