Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oil Slick

I'm on a subtle marbling kick, I guess.  But this time I went in a different direction--hard to miss, bold.  This is by far the hardest manicure I have tried to photograph to date.  Neither of these pictures seem to do the manicure justice, but they were the best of the bunch.  It might be because I used two new colors in the new Orly Cosmic FX collection.  It isn't listed on their website yet since it's a fall collection, but it's out in stores here in the US now.  I found them at Ulta.  Here is a good review of the collection.  Bottom line they are prismatic, glitter/mineral polishes that are multi-tonal and therefore hard to capture on camera. In real life, it really does resemble the iridescence of an oil slick.

I first coated a base color in black, China Glaze Liquid Leather.  Then I used Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl for the marble.  Seche Vite was used for the top coat.


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