Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nails At The Beach!

Went to the beach for my birthday and needed to paint my nails.  I got these "dry nail" application package from Incoco and used them to paint my nails at the beach.  I didn't really think it turned out all that great.  I know it wasn't the best of conditions, and I would suggest that if you try this do it on a warm day or conditions (because my polish strips ripped frequently) and don't count on a perfect polish--I couldn't always find ones that fit my nails exactly.  It was not that fast and it is expensive in my book ($5 for a set of 20).  I didn't give it a chance to last the "up to 14 days" because of the immediate chips (as you can see from the pics), but I had to try and it worked for me that day.

The strips can be found at Walgreens or online at Incoco's website and I used the color Flaunt.

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